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Police Officer Who Disguised Himself As Mallam Finally Arrests Suspected Baby Thief



Police Officer Who Disguised Himself As Mallam Finally Arrests Suspected Baby Thief

A baby thief suspected of stealing a two-month-old baby has been arrested in Babato Kumah, a community near Kintampo in the Bono East Region.

Janet Zenabu was forced out of her concealment after being in hiding with her landlord’s daughter in Aburi, Eastern Region, for nearly three months.

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According to the report, the suspect is from a community near Tuna in the Savannah area, traveled to Aburi to work as a Chop bar attendant, where he allegedly stole a baby.

According to the Police report, Zenabu didn’t work on August 6, so the landlady asked her to look after her daughter while she prepared food for her family.

A few minutes later, at approximately 5:30 PM, the suspect told the landlady that she was going to buy airtime at a nearby shop, and Janet took her baby along.

After a while, the landlady became concerned that the suspect had taken too long to return. She, therefore, lodged a formal complaint with the Aburi Police Station.

The case was then referred to Accra Police Headquarters for further investigation.

Inspector Alhassan Seidou, an officer at Aburi District Police Headquarters and married to the chop bar operator where the suspect worked, volunteered to complement the police investigation to arrest the suspect and then rescue the baby.

As part of the investigation, it was found that the suspect had moved from her native village near Tuna to Babatoma near Kintampo, where her husband and mother-in-law stayed.

Upon reaching the community, the police officer disguised himself as a spiritualist (Mallam) and went to Dagomba’s Chief palace to explain the incident and show him a photo of the suspect.

However, the chiefs and elders were unable to identify her as one of the residents of the community.

A disgruntled police officer spent three days in the community trying to locate the suspect.

The suspect’s luck missed her on Tuesday afternoon when the Police Officer arrested her after being tipped off at her mother-in-law’s home.

The suspect initially claimed she gave birth to the baby. However, Janet confessed when she was told she was needed at Accra Police Headquarters.

Police sources said the suspect had previously been pregnant, but she had a miscarriage.

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Back in the village, she told her husband and in-laws that she gave birth in Aburi. She renamed the baby Sakira.

According to her husband, Janet became pregnant, but after an argument she miscarried.

Her husband said he had doubts about her wife’s birth at first. However, he was persuaded by his mother to accept the baby. After a thorough medical examination, the baby is doing well.

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