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Aston Villa Supporters Believe Hojlund’s Goal Should Not Have Stood.



Fuming Aston Villa fans claim Hojlund’s goal should not have stood as they spot an issue in the build-up to the Manchester United opener.

Rasmus Hojlund’s goal infuriated ASTON VILLA supporters, with many saying it ought to have been disallowed.

For the fifth time in a row, the striker scored to help United win 2-1; Scott McTominay scored the game’s winning goal.

However, some Villa supporters contend that Hojlund’s goal should not have been allowed to stand since Casemiro was not onside throughout the build-up.

Luke Shaw’s free kick into the box was crossed into an offside position by the United midfielder.

Casemiro leaped and made a run at the ball, but he stayed far away from it and did not even touch it.

After Harry Maguire’s knockdown, a Villa defender headed the ball behind for a corner, where Hojlund scored.

had tampered with the Villa defender because the goal originated from a fresh phase of play.

However, VAR was unable to examine the free kick and determine whether

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Casemiro had tampered with the Villa defender because the goal originated from a fresh phase of play.

One fan reacted, saying, “Casemiro is offside for the play leading to the corner. United score from the corner.

“No VAR check. What’s the point of having it?”

Another said, “To really put the icing on the cake,

Casemiro was offside from the free kick, which led to the corner 🤦🏻‍♂ I hate football on days like today.

“Really didn’t do a fat lot wrong and end up on the defeated side. And it’s always against them, too.

third wrote: “There we go, Casemiro, offside from freekick—Lino and ref miss that and give a corner. They score from it, useless.”

And another commented: “That United goal was cr**y.

The softest free-kick of the season then led to Casemiro being offside when they forced a corner in which they scored.

“Referees are so scared to make the right decisions, getting too complacent with VAR.”

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