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Geoffrey Giuliano Accidentally Cut Off Two Of His Toes.



Geoffrey Giuliano

Squid Game actor Geoffrey Giuliano lost two of his toes when a builder working at his home dropped a chainsaw.

Geoffrey Giuliano lost two of his toes when a builder working at his home dropped a chainsaw he was then rushed to the hospital and is undergoing an operation.

The 70 year old Squid Game actor during an innovation in his home, got his two toes chopped off when a builder accidentally dropped off a chainsaw.

He collapsed in a pool full of blood and scooped up his toes for medics to reattach it in Thailand.

Geoffrey, today, underwent a second reconstructive surgery in the capital Bangkok.

The Netflix star, said he was in pain, adding that the chainsaw almost killed him. He said “It hurts today. The doctors told me I’m lucky to be alive.

“but I don’t feel lucky. A chainsaw almost killed me” Giuliano added that the scenes were “worse” that anything the contestant endured in Squid Game.

Geoffrey left leg toes cut off

Mr. Giuliano added before the operation began at The King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, He said

“The chainsaw flew about 8ft into the air, hit the floor, chewed up the floor and then landed on my foot”

“I was in shock. It didn’t hurt at the time, but there was lots and lots of blood. I picked up my toes, put them in a paper towel and we rushed to the hospital.”

“They sewed them on temporarily and now we are here to fix them properly. Those actors would have fainted if they had to go through what i went through”.

Geoffrey release a footage that claimed he was assaulted by a McDonald’s manager in March.

He said it happened when he visited the fast food chain and the staff allegedly refused to serve him a veggie burger.

Mr. Giuliano said to MailOnline “when they realised we were American, they would not serve me. The whole thing was due to an aggressive manager and another

employee who obviously did not like Americans.

Giuliano says this is not his first time he has experienced “anti-American discrimination” in Holland.

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