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Tiba Al-Ali An Iraqi Youtube Star Murdered By Her Father.



Tiba al-Ali

Tiba Al-Ali’s death spread all over the country.

Tiba Al-Ali relocated from Iraq to Istanbul, Turkey, when she was 17 years old in the year 2017.

The establishment of a Youtube channel, where she posted and discussed about her freedom, fiance and other stuffs made her acquire many subscribers.

The Youtuber found fame mainly for her candid online blogs with over 20,000 subscribers .

She posted daily and enjoyed and lived a happy and new life at Turkey.

Tabi al-ali
Young, vibrant and bubbly, YouTuber Tiba al-Ali became a hit with her fun-loving videos about her life.

Tiba discloses her reason for moving to Turkey in her first video. She said she moved to improve her education and decided to stay and live there because life in Turkey was so nice.

His Father did not agree with her decision to move to Turkey nor marry there.

Tiba Al-Ali’s life came to a shocking end this year when she made a visit to her homeland to see families.

Tayyip Ali who appears to be the father of the deceased murdered her in a sleep when the star visited home.

The women in Iraq protesting against legislation around “honour killings” as to why Tayyip received six months in prison.

Present Iraqi legislation, Article 41 justifies domestic violence by establishing the legal right of husband to punish wife and parents to punish their children.

There is a 3 or more years in prison when punishment becomes lenient.

Iraqi's women protest
Iraqi women protesting against legislation around “honour killings” .

Iraq’s interior ministry spokesman, Gen Saad Maan, told the BBC: “An accident happened to Tiba al-Ali.

In the perspective of law, it is a criminal accident, and in other perspectives, it is an accident of honour killings.”

Reports from the Interior Ministry spokesman, suggests Tiba had alot or arguements with her father when she lived in Iraq.

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