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Iceland Declaring A State Of Emergency Due To Potential Volcanic Eruption



Thousands of earthquakes have hit an area in Iceland and a small town has been evacuated.

Authorities in Iceland declaring a state of emergency, ordering thousands to evacuate amid fears of a potential volcanic eruption.

The southwestern village of Grandavik now a ghost town, many of it’s four thousand (4,000) residents taking refuge in nearby shelters.

The iconic Blue Lagoon geothermal spa just miles away temporarily closed. A string of earthquakes and tremors recently striking the region.

Hundreds of small earthquakes everyday for more than two weeks buckling roads and splitting walls in people’s homes.

Authorities now monitoring an underground buildup of magma beneath the village fearing it could burst through the earth’s crust within days.

Aviation officials also raising their alert level to “Orange” indicating increased risk of an eruption.

In 2010, a massive volcanic eruption in Iceland caused widespread disruptions to transatlantic air travel and more then 100,000 flights canceled.

The Volcanic eruption causing earthquakes in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most seismically active regions in the world. In fact the same volcanic system that has been prompting all of these evacuations just this past July .

“At this stage, it is not possible to determine exactly whether and where magma might reach the surface,” the Meteorological Office said.

“You are so confused when you go in,” said Solveig Thorbergsdottir in an interview.

“You only have five minutes, but I stretched it to 15 and I just saved what I saw around. Photos of the grandchildren. Photos of myself when I was young. My best clothes, my wedding dress.”

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