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WGA Of Motion Picture And Television Producers Reach Tentative Deal.



Hollywood’s writers union reached a preliminary labor agreement with major studios.

The Writers’ Guild and Reps for Hollywood studios report they have reached a tentative deal and

have quickly ratified could return some writers to the job within days after being sidelined since May.

The two sides still hammering out the fine points of the deal believed to reflect the impacts of burgeoning technologies Ai and streaming.

But potentially, complicating a return to work the fate of Hollywood actors.

Their union sag after still striking without a deal and even a swift end of the writers’ walkout may be too late to save the majority of the Fall TV season.

After nearly five months on the picket line,

A tentative deal between the Writers’ Guild and the Alliance that represents major studios means a big step towards resuming

stalled productions, but the deal is still private as WGA tells members that

“Though we are eager to share the details of what has been achieved with you, we cannot do that until the last ‘i’ is dotted”

hollywood strike
Sag-Aftra and WGA members marching and calling for supports

It will happen very quickly due to what people have heard and seen about the deal.

On a nearly 150-day walkout, writers will earn high residuals from streaming

shows and gain better protections from scripts written using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

That could threaten future jobs. A WGA member said on NBC News “This is not about people drinking tropical drinks, driving jaguars.

We’re talking about the middle class of our union and we are just trying to keep our heads above water”.

After shutting studios across 10 Tinseltown writers late night and day time talk shows could return to work in just a matter of days

but new episodes of individuals favorite scripted shows maynot be back on the air until January

WGA now is urging its members to join actors and it’s union sag-aftra who remain on the picket line fighting for same benefits.

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