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Ghana Has Legalized The Production Of Cannabis For Both Industrial And Medical Usage.



Has Ghana Really Legalized The Production Of Cannabis?

Legalizing cannabis production for both medical and industrial uses, Ghana’s Parliament has achieved

A historic first by joining the global movement that recognizes the many benefits of cannabis.

With this historic judgment on December 14, 2023,

Ghana’s cannabis laws enter a revolutionary new phase as the Interior Minister now empowered to issue licenses.

The passing of the Narcotics Control Commission Act 2020 (Act 1019) demonstrated Ghana’s dedication to achieving cannabis’s potential.

This action fits in with a global trend of nations realizing the benefits of the cannabis sector, valued at $30 billion in GDP globally in January 2022.

The full range of cannabis-related operations, including import, export, distribution, processing, growing, are covered by licensing.

Cannabis (Cannabis sativa) is an herbal drug. It contains chemicals called cannabinoids, including delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Crucially, these permits follow strict guidelines for THC concentration, capping amounts at 0.3% dry weight.

According to experts, Ghana’s economic problems might be resolved if the cannabis sector is properly managed and controlled across the value chain.

This is because cannabis has the potential to thrive throughout Ghana.

The job sector is a key area that is anticipated to profit greatly.

Ghana is leading the way in the development of the cannabis sector in Africa as it sets off on this revolutionary adventure.

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