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Ten Citizens Dead As Two Tornadoes Ripped Through Two Cities In The Eastern Part Of China.



Tornado ripped through two cities in China’s eastern Jiangsu province.

The Weather Officials in China gave cautions about the heavy rain and strong winds blowing in several regions. The state media said on Wednesday

A day after, a deadly tornado strikes killing 10 people in the Eastern China, Province of Jiangsu.

This deadly incident urged authorities to call for vigilance against strong winds in coastal areas near the yellow sea .

The tornado happened on Tuesday afternoon and hit Suqian in Jiangsu Province according to state broadcaster CCTV.

Images shown on social media shows the tornado was brief but fierce showing images of flying materials, falling trees, damaged cars, falling electric wires.

CCTV said, The tornado hit two areas in Jiangsu Province.

Residents walking around the destroyed homes after Tuesday’s tornado.

Suqian and Yancheng were the two areas affected killing five people and causing severe injuries to four people.

The tornado damaged 1,646 homes in Suqian and leaving so many acres of lands crops devastated, CCTV said.

The weather officials sent warnings to unaffected areas like the southwestern region of Chongqing, several areas in southwestern Guizhou, southern Hunan, Eastern Anhui and Central Hubei.

Tornadoes are not usual in mid to late September in Jiangsu, but rare tornadoes have happened due to recent climate change

that have brought strong weather conditions, state media Beijing Youth Daily reported, citing meteorological experts.

The burning of fossil fuels causes the change of climate and scientist are confident that the weather conditions will return to normal when the world stop burning those fossil fuels.

Over 98 people were killed in Jiangsu in 2016 when they were hit by a storm with hurricane-force wind.

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