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Shama Explosion, Four Dead And Others Missing




An illegal mining company, Omni Quarries machines explodes.

Omni Quarries is an illegal mining company in Ghana. The Company uses machines to crack rocks and dig deep down the earth for some natural resources.

Gold, is being extracted from this process sold and a lot of profit is made out of that.

Between the night of September 9, An explosion occurred at Shama in the Western Region in a community called Anto-Aboso.

Reports received indicates four dead and others missing either injured or torn into pieces, has not yet been confirmed.

As at Thursday it has been received that one person has been found dead making total of five deaths.

Mr. Samuel Djaban, A mining engineer from Kumasi has been appointed to continue his work as mineral commissioner in the Western Region of Ghana.

Desmond Boahen, Mineral commissioner from Takoradi has been transferred to Koforidua.

shama explosion
Shama, Omni Quarries after explosion.

Mr. Paul Dawson, From Newmont Ghana Gold Limited as their environmental manager has been appointed to Kumasi to be the mineral commissioner.

This changes were done due to the accident that happened last night at leading to Shama explosion.

Investigations has been done and site has been partially cleared but reports received says Three chinese men who were engaged in this illegal mining has not been found.

This morning, Mr. Michael Nyan Nadmo’s Director at the Western Region says they have all been found

He also said, The explosion was caused due to the Ammonium Nitrate used by these illegal miners.

Reports received says those missing are still been searched for.

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