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Kennedy Agyapong Goes Wild On Fellow NPP MPs In Parliament



Honourable Kennedy Agyapong goes

Member of Parliament, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong goes wild on the New Patriotic party, that his colleagues Mps are not ready and unwilling to sacrifice for the country and the party.

The Assin Central member of Parliament said that, some of his Npp colleagues are only interested in their personal ambitions rather than focusing on the government and the country.

Kennedy Agyapong speaking in an interview, claim that some of his colleagues whom, he says are unwilling to sacrifice their time for the passing of the controversial Electronic Transactions Levy (E-Levy).

Honourable Kennedy condemned their attitude and asked them to quit their positions of the lack of spirit needed to sacrify for the party and Ghanaians.

“If you are not ready to be an Mp, leave the post. Nobody forced you to be an Mp. We are sick and tired of your bogus attitude. People are scared to tell you but I will because I don’t fear anyone. I have to go for check-up but I am here because of my party and country.”

“What kind of nonsense is going on in NPP. Every day, you hear them say this and that, you can go to hell. If you like, Ghana can burn and we don’t care. We are tired of your bogus attitude”.

He added that if not some bogus attitude of some NPP members with their personal goals, Bagbin would not have been a speaker of Parliament.

“Nobody should blame Bagbin, blame NPP MPs. We are afraid of covering them up, Whats going on is bad. We are all serving Ghana so how can you be so bitter. Have you seen me in any position? We are tired of them. I had to go for check-up on 28 January but I am still here because I am a good citizen and a good party man. We all have issues but we don’t go out and sell the party”, he said.

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” The NDC doesn’t want the E- Levy to be passed. They just want to see Akufo- Addo’s policies for Ghana in shambles. Just like John Mahama stood in Kumasi to say that Ghanaians easily forget things. Akufo-Addo was the one who ensured that Nurses who had stayed home for years were posted.”

“The NDC doesn’t think about the poor I will leave you to rate both NDC and NPP and tell me which among them brought social interventions that have benefited the poor.
The NDC only amass wealth when they come into power”, He added.

He further said that “bickering and in-fighting will not help the party, urging Mps to rather focus on the collective interest of Ghanaians and the party.

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