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“I Felt Embarrassed And Broke Down By My Old Tweets” – KiDi



"I Felt Embarrassed And Broke Down By My Old Tweets" - KiDi

Reigning VGMAs Artiste of The Year Award winner, KiDi says he was embarrassed by his old tweets that resurfaced on social media last week.

In the last few days, the ‘Sugar Daddy’ singer topped Twitter trends following the resurfacing of his old tweets.

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Apparently, KiDi’s old tweets were savage and he shared those posts when he was young and naive. He had no idea internet never forgets and also Karma works so fast.

The old viral tweets received massive reactions and most Users lashed him while others made fun of a then young ‘Mr nobody.

Well, the ‘Enjoyment’ hitmaker has reacted to the tweets. According to him, he’s not happy about the tweets.

In an interview on Hitz FM on Monday, he described the tweets as unfortunate.

“I felt very embarrassed and down. Sad. Defeated. There were a lot of happenings at that time. I had already been in a weird mental space. I didn’t even have time to breathe and reset. Not only that, but I left my EP listening session. I broke down, and it was a lot for me. I felt embarrassed about all of it. I couldn’t be there. We had finished listening to the songs, but I did a little and I had to leave,” KiDi lamented.

Last week, the ‘Touch It’ hitmaker apologized for the old tweets, saying he couldn’t even remember some of them.

“I don’t even remember tweeting some of those things. I look at them like, ‘I said this?’ A lot of the values we believe strongly in them, we had to go through certain things. And we had to unlearn some things to relearn them. You had to learn a little human compassion.

“We had to grow to get here, and that was a different era of social media. You could say anything, and it didn’t matter at that time. There are a lot of things… I just wished the people will not define me by who I was then,” he added.

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“At that era of social media, everyone was being silly…Like a new called Twitter, just tweet your mind. I didn’t tweet them to be offensive, and some of them are just banter that I regret tweeting,” he said.

“I would have wanted all that attention to go to my ‘4Play’ EP. Likewise, I was wondering where all these people were when I released my EP,” he indicated.

He made these remarks in an interview on the radio. KiDi revealed further that he received threats after the old tweets reemerged on the internet. He said his family is taking the blow.

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