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NPP Billboards: Campaigners Say Life Under Threat – VIDEO



NPP Billboards: Campaigners Say Life Under Threat - VIDEO

Some SHS students, farmers, nurses, and NABCO trainees were the faces of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) campaigners ahead of the general elections in 2020 say their lives are in danger.

They appeared on various billboards, one of them had the inscription, “Remember Me.”

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One of them of many people who appeared on the NPP billboards, Nicholas Teye has cried out that his life is in danger threat as a result of threats from persons dissatisfied with the governance of the Akufo-Addo-led administration.

Speaking in an interview with TV3, Mr. Teye, 35, said that is unable to move about the free town without disguising himself for fear of being attacked by disgruntled Ghanaians who accuse him of being part of the conspiracy of the NPP that has caused their current economic difficulties.

He added that he receives calls from unknown persons threatening to cause harm to him if they meet him for being a part of the reason why their suffering in the country.

According to them, he wasn’t told his face was going to be on a political billboard. He narrated that the NABCO trainees were informed that they wanted to take their pictures and have their faces on magazines and calendars and they would be given GHC300.

He added that when he later found out that his face was going to appear on billboards, he got angry and refused to take the money, but he later rescinded his decision and took the money to pay off his debt.

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Mr. Teye said two months before the general elections, some of his friends called him from other regions telling him they saw his face on NPP billboards and they concluded that he was fully an NPP man and is now a big man.

Sharing some of his woes, he said every month some family members call him to ask for money and when he fails to help them they conclude he is stingy.

Watch the video below;

Nicholas Teye was the face of huge billboards mounted across the country appealing to voters to retain the NPP Government in the 2020 Elections so that the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) which provided temporary jobs for graduates would be continued. The billboards had the words “Remember Me. My livelihood depends on your vote”. The NABCO program has been canceled by the Government.

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