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Education Ministry Set To Appoint Dean of Disciplinary Affairs In SHSs



The numerous Senior High Schools and public postsecondary institutions will each have a Dean of Disciplinary Affairs, according to the Ministry of Education, who will be in charge of handling disciplinary matters.

According to the ministry, the dean of disciplinary affairs will be notified of any student wrongdoing that results in punishment.

This is related to the case of the eight female Chiana Senior High School students who were expelled for disparaging President Akufo-Addo in a trending video last year.

The President stepped in and requested that the eight pupils be readmitted by the Education Ministry.

Education Ministry Set To Appoint Dean of Disciplinary Affairs In SHSs

The school’s Disciplinary Committee was then contacted by the Ghana Education Service to look into potential alternatives to dismissal.

To that effect, Kwesi Kwarteng, the Education Ministry’s public relations officer, said in an interview with Citi News that the dean of disciplinary affairs will collaborate with the guidance and counseling unit at schools.

He stated that:

“Recently, the Minister hinted at Dean of Disciplinary Affairs to augment the work. Just as we have institutions responsible for ensuring discipline, we still have persons who will go against the accepted cultural values and norms.

So the Dean will work with the Guidance and Counselling unit to make sure there is discipline in our schools.”

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