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Serwaa Amihere, Is a Ghanaian broadcast

Serwaa Amihere, Is a Ghanaian broadcast, journalist and news presenter who currently works with GH ONE TV said if you are unmarried doesn’t automatically means you are unhappy.

” Unmarried Does Not equate to Unhappy ” says the beautiful Ghanaian Broadcaster- Serwaa Amihere.

According to the news anchor, marriage does not guarantee happiness, and therefore people should stop criticizing women and men who decide not to formalized their relationship.

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” Some people on social media especially on twitter can be on the case of women and men who are of age and not married.”

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” Many people especially female Celebrities have been dragged on social media for this reason which should not be the case at all.

Most women are attacked severally on the media platform especially when they try expressing their opinion on being single.”

Serwaa Amihere added that, some people can be married but they are unhappy in their marital home.

The news anchor write on her twitter page that, “Unmarried doesn’t automatically mean unhappy and to marry is also not be happy.”

ZNEWSGH Our take in this married Wahala or brouhaha whichever way you may take it.

Well married is a choice for many women and men, no one should obliged a person whether man or woman into committing to marriage, when He or She is not fully prepared.
You don’t married just to change your status.

Married is longtime commitments ideally.
You marry when you think ooh.. this is the one, the one person I want to spend my life with, the one person I want to share some beautiful and sad moments with. Married is not jump in and out. Takes your time and find your SPECIAL SOMEONE, FIND YOUR 🐸 FROG 🐸 AND THEN COMMIT YOUR FUTURE WITH.

But please don’t leave it too late, no pressure too, to the happy singles out there.

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