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Actor Jim Iyke Revealed How He Was Twice Unsuccessfully Married



Veteran Actor Jim IykeRevealed How He Was Twice Unsuccessfully Married

Nigeria’s one of the most popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke, Has revealed in an interview with ” Chude Jideonwo chat show” , on how he suffer successives married break up after the the death of his Beloved Mother.

In a lengthy interview with Chude Jideonwo, the 45 year old veteran Actor Jim Iyke, real name ” James Ikechukwu Esomugha ” revealed for the first time, he has been married twice and all failed, adding he has three kids in total.

He also revealed that all those Unsuccessful marriages has gone unnoticed by the general public and the media at whole. Due to how he strategies and how he was very unpredictable that help him keep things away from the limelight.

In the interview he talk about the demised of his mother and the many failures he encountered in life.

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“I have failed many times. I have had failed marriages, I have three beautiful kids, so how are you gonna know cos of my strategic pattern. Even people that live in my space don’t know…Even my sisters call to hear from me, even my PAs don’t know stuffs.”

“I keep everyone on their toes with my level of unpredictability, i hate being figured out…once you figure me out, I have nothing else to offer, I refuse to be figured out and tamed.”

“I suffered a loss. My mum died. She was my best friend and business strategist. …she is so smart that it is ridiculous…it was a relationship based on friendship and mutual respect….she always had the right words and advise to me….I lost all that when she died, there was a spirituality and connection that I lost after she died….we were so close that it took them 72 hours to inform me of her death…I am a product of love, my parents were so in love with each other so her death shattered my dad too….their kind of relationship opened my eyes to the kind of marriage I wanted too.”

“I didn’t grieve all through the process of her death and burial…but by the time i started to grieve, my wife became pregnant with my first son and i wasn’t as loving as I should be…i lost my sense of humor and the lion in me so she suffered for that…i became an obsessive dad after my son arrived…i took all my love and care on our son and abandoned her instead…I was an excellent dad but horrible husband so after a while she left, she said she couldn’t find the man she married anymore and we quit but still friend.”

He also added to heal, He had to spend many weeks in different countries, from La Gambia to Argentina, Moscow and many more.

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