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First Atlantic Bank Trends On Twitter After NSS Personnel Sues CFO



Following a lawsuit filed against the bank and its chief financial officer by a former personnel of the National Service, First Atlantic Bank has topped Twitter Trends.

Ghanaians on Twitter are surprised by Deborah Adablah’s requests and the way that events have turned out.

A First Atlantic Bank senior management officer’s sidekick is requesting some relief from her former boss, the organization’s chief financial officer.

It was reported that Deborah Adabla and Ernest Kwasi Nimako, the chief financial officer for First Atlantic Bank, were having a romantic connection that ended after a year.

Deborah is concerned about being kicked out of her home and having her car, which was confiscated from her because of previous disagreements.

Deborah claims Ernest Kwasi Nimako underpaid her and turned off her benefits despite making numerous promises to provide for her comfort in a summons that has now gone popular on social media.

What Deborah Adablah is looking for

a) An order directing the DVLA to register car number GC-7899-21 in the plaintiff’s name as the owner and/or directing the first defendant to transfer the title of the vehicle into the plaintiff’s name.

b) A reimbursement of the plaintiff for the GHC 10,000.00 cost of repairs that the first defendant committed to pay but did not.

c(i) A mandate directing the Defendants to give the Plaintiff the following payments: In accordance with the agreement between the plaintiff and the first defendant, the first defendant provides the plaintiff a lump sum of money to enable the plaintiff to launch a business and support herself.

ii) The first defendant pays the rent for the plaintiff’s apartment for the remaining two (2) years or agrees to pay the same amount for the remaining two (2) years at the same rate in a different apartment.

(iii) The first defendant is required to cover all medical costs incurred as a result of the side effects of family planning treatment as well as the unpaid arrears of the plaintiff’s monthly allowance from July 2022 until the date of judgment.

(iv) The Defendants could be awarded general damages.

(d) Any other relief(s), including monetary costs, that the court deems necessary.

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