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We Are The Causes Of The Collapsing Movie Industry Says Yvonne Nelson



Yvonne Nelson is a Ghanaian actress

Yvonne Nelson is a Ghanaian actress,model ,film producer and entrepreneur said, they are the causes of the downfall of the movie industry in Ghana.

Yvonne Nelson who took to her Twitter, to make her feelings known, said “our movie industry ‘no wonder it is where it! peeps are just not serious. It pains her that the movie industry is not progressing because of some attitude of her colleagues

She didn’t mention any names but she said they contributed to the collapsing of the movie industry in the country.

Yvonne Nelson tweeted again,” Honestly I’m tired! our people aren’t serious #shame# movie industry crew” . She also said that lack of seriousness from her people (colleagues) is not helping the movie industry.

Someone tweeted back to her saying” I feel your pain paaa, but don’t stop being critical. People will get it one day ! and she replied saying she can’t wait for the (ONE DAY).

The person then added by it starts when you treat a project like it’s someone else’s project and not yours, and this kind of behaviour will cause the collapsing of any industry.

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Ghanaian movie industry which has been a concern of discussion on social media and other media platform in recent times with all focal point set on the industry’s failure to revived. it is clear indisputable fact that Ghanaian movie industry has gone from bad to worst.

It is not common these days to find local television stations airing our local movies. Mexican telenovelas, Spanish and most watched indian telenovelas are in most channel. which contributed hugely to the collapse of our movie industry.

hope it bounced back again.

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