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Wilfred Zaha Received Racist Abuse After Crystal Palace Beat Man City 2 Goals – 0



Wilfred Zaha

Crystal Palace player Wilfred Zaha, has been the subject of VILE RACIST abuse after his man of the match performance  at the Etihad sports stadium in Manchester, the match end in favour of Crystal Palace who beat Man City two goals to nil.

With Wilfred Zaha, the Ivory Coast and Crystal Palace forward player. Who scored Crystal Palace opener, of the 2 – 0 Victory at the Etihad Stadium Manchester on the 30th October 2021 Three O’clock kick off.

After the match he took to His Instagram page to vent His frustration about how vile individuals whose makes living out of RACISM are softly handed.


Commenting on the issues after been a target of VILE RACIST attacks after the match, on Saturday afternoon at the Etihad Stadium.

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This is what he said: ” This message isn’t for me to get one million messages saying we stand with and it’s disgusting or about me getting sympathy” .

” I’m not here for all the nonsense that is being done instead of fixing the actual problem ” !

He continue,” I don’t mind abuse because nowadays it comes with doing the job I do even though it’s not an excuse but my colour will always be real problem but it’s fine because I’ll be always be BLACK AND PROUD”!

This wasn’t the first time Zaha has been the subject of RACISM .
Last year a 12 year old boy was arrested in connection of racist abuse to the Ivorian striker.

And before that in 2018 Zaha was at the receiving end of another VILE RACIST abuse when Palace drew 2 – 2 at the Emirates stadium.

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