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Jordan Henderson Gets Criticised After Joining Al-Ettifaq



Jordan Henderson

Henderson says he was “really hurt” after being criticised for joining Al-Ettifaq.

Henderson moved from Liverpool to El-Ettifaq in july. He made 492 appearances for Liverpool before his summer move to El-Ettifaq.

Same sex sexual activity is not illegal and prohibited in Saudi Arabia, his move to the country has been criticised by some LGBTQ+ campaigners.

“My intention was never, ever to hurt anyone. My intention has always been to help causes and communities,” Henderson said.

“I do care about different causes that I’ve been involved in and different communities…

I do care. And for people to criticise and say that I’d turned my back on them really, really hurt me.

“All I can say is that I apologise, I’m sorry that I’ve made them feel that way. But I haven’t changed as a person.”

Jordan Henderson is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Saudi Pro League club Al-Ettifaq after leaving Liverpool.

Jordan Henderson joined Liverpool from Sunderland in 2011 and became the captain and won seven major titles, including the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and EPL Cup.

Reports made suggested Jordan Henderson was being paid four times what he was earning at Liverpool but denied those claims.

“People can believe me or not, but in my life and my career, money has never been a motivation. Ever,” he said.

Henderson played four matches since joining El-Ettifaq and has won three games with one draw.

The 33 years old Henderson, has made 77 appearances for England.

Henderson has helped Gerald’s club El-Etiffaq currently sitting fifth in the table after four games

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