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Ghana Galamsey Struggle – A Chief And Retired Soldiers Arrested For Illegal Mining



Illegal mining equipment set ablaze
Illegal mining equipment set ablaze

The struggle to bring an end to illegal mining locally known as (GALAMSEY) in Ghana. According to our sources in the Eastern Region, The Odikro (Chief) for Akwaboa in the Kwahu West Municipality of the Eastern Region Ghana, and three other retired soldiers were arrested for illegal mining activities in the area.

The four suspects were arrested at Nkwaakwaasem a small farming community in Kwahu East on Thursday, 27th October 2022, by a joint Military and Police Special Operatives against Galamsey activities.

The illegal miners, according to our sources were busy with their distribution in the area around the River-Pra, with heavy machinery, where some vegetation has been massively destroyed, and the River-Pra water body heavily polluted.

But upon sensing the danger the arrival of the Special Operatives, the suspects took to their heels and escaped through the thick forest vegetation and avoided being arrested.

But in the turn of events a Chief, and his accomplished three retired military officers appeared, and claimed to be owners of the concession, and claimed the company was duly registered and licensed under the Company name TLG MINING COMPANY.

Galamsey Destruction, Polluted Water Body In Ghana

Their claims were quickly rejected as their activities consist of illegal mining, which is causing havoc in the communities, forestry and the water bodies in the West African Country.

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The four suspects were arrested, and are in custody at the Nkwatia Police Station pending investigation. Some movable equipment at the site was confiscated, and their tents which was used as shelter by the illegal miners was destroyed and set ablaze.

The River Pra which serves as the only water source in the Kwahu Praso, and its surrounding area of farming communities, has been polluted by persistent illegal mining in the area.

River-Pra, according to Wikipedia. The Pra River in Ghana, the easternmost and the largest of the three principal rivers that drain the area south of the Volta divide. Rising in the Kwahu Plateau near Mpraeso and flowing southward for 240 km through rich cocoa farming areas and valuable forests in the Akan lowlands, the Pra enters the Gulf of Guinea east of Takoradi Western Region Of Ghana.

In the 19th century, the Pra served as the border between the Ashanti Confederacy and the Gold Coast.

The struggle to Stop Galamsey (illegal mining) continue.

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