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Ashiaman: 29 suspects Arrested For Violent Clashes



Ashiaman: 29 suspects Arrested For Violent Clashes

Police have arrested 29 suspects for their involvement in violent clashes between two factions that occurred in the early hours of October 28, 2022, in Ashaiman’s New Turak in the Greater Accra Region.

Police said in a statement on Friday that misunderstandings between two rival factions at the Tulaku meat market led to the attack, in which six people were injured in various ways, an initial investigation revealed.

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The injured are currently being treated at a hospital and are in stable condition, according to the statement.

Since then, the police have calmed down and increased the presence of personnel in Ashaiman and the surrounding area.

“Investigation continues and all those involved will be brought to justice,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, the Dorma Ahenkro District Court in Dorma Central Municipality, Bono Region, convicted two accomplices of trying to steal 38 fowls worth GH¢1,520 and fined them 120 units each.

Convicted workers Kwabena Yeboah, 22, and Atta Kwaku Oppong, 39, each served 12-month prison sentences, while another worker, Kwaku Atta, a third convicted, was sentenced to 100 units for collusion with Yeboah and Oppong “with a common purpose to commit a crime.” 

They all pleaded guilty to one count, but only Yeboah and Oppon pleaded guilty to two counts, as Atta was not involved when the crimes were implicated.

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Inspector (P/Inspt) Emmanuel Asare said in a court chaired by Osei Kofi Amoako that the applicant, Effah Asbonteng, is a poultry farmer and lives in Dormaa-Ahenkro, while the accused is a poultry farm employee. I said yes. Kyeremasu district in Dorma East of Bono region.

He said that the applicant had been aware for some time that his chickens and eggs had been stolen from the poultry farm, so he decided to continue surveillance.

P/Insp. Asare noted 10:30 a.m. on October 8th of this year, the claimant was walking on the farm and found a bag containing 38 dead chickens. There is a hut where Yeboah worked every day.

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