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Nigerian set ablaze with his ex

A Nigerian Man, a nurse living in Australia, by name Stanley Obi, died in a Brisbane hospital after being set on fire by his estranged past lover.

Stanley Obi, 33, had 90% of his body burnt after Sarah Mudge, his past lover, broked into his house and soaked him and his new lover in fuel. And then inflamed them at their home in New Beith, a southern suburb of Brisbane at 3 a.m on Thursday.

The couple three children who slept in the next room were rescued.

A brave neighbour by name AI, pulled the body of the loving father from the wreckage while the past lover Mudge, 30, died in the fire.

Stanley Obi was rushed to the hospital in a very serious condition but unfortunately couldn’t survive the over 90 degree burns. He passed away just before 10 pm on Thursday night, leaving their children orphaned.

His new girlfriend, 30, managed to get out of the house set on fire alongside three kids age five, three and two.

The police are still investigating to put together what exactly caused the attack. It was disclosed that Mudge had been annoyed about the results of a court hearing a day before, said a report.

It was reported that the past lover’s Facebook page is filled up with photos and enthuse posts about her children, for which some of this post said :

“When you have no strength left, you have your children, when you are tired they energize you, and when your heart is in mourning they bring joy to your soul. To my babies I thank you for choosing me.”

“The ones I have now, and the ones I am still waiting for, it is all my heart beats for. I am eternally grateful.”

Kenyan Police Officer Killed Her Husband And Then Commit Suicide

Even dough, women and children are mostly likely to be victims of domestic violence, men to are not invisible when it comes to vicious domestic violence, and according statistics domestic violence against men is on the rise in all walks of life.

PLEASE LET US ALL HELP, DO OUR BEST TO HELP STOP ALL KIND OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, CHILDREN and MEN. “Please Don’t Let Your Anger Get Out Hand,” Seek Help If You Think Your Anger Is Uncontrollable.

Your Opinions on How to tackle DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, are welcome.
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