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Kenyan Police Officer Killed Her Husband And Then Commit Suicide



Constable Dorcas Chebat, who is 27 year old Kenyan Police Officer

Constable Dorcas Chebat, who is 27 year old Kenyan Police Officer commits suicide after Shooting her 28-year old husband, Officer Abel Andari.

The couples were found lying in pools of blood in their house at Kiungani police station in Kiminini, Trans Nzoia county in what is suspected to be a murder- suicide.

According to a statement, Chebat arrived at the Kiungani station at around 10am on Sunday, January 23,2022 and met her husband and shortly after getting into the house they locked themselves inside.

According to the Trans Nzoia County Criminal Investigation officer reported that, Francis Kihara said,” Around 11:30am, one gunshot was heard from the house of Mr Andari.”

The station commander (OCS) said that another gunshots were heard from the house immediately after, Mr Kihara said.

The lifeless bodies of the two officers were found lying on the floor with severe blood inside their room. A G3 rifle and three spent cartridge were found on the floor.

The Neighbors said that, the two locked themselves in their house with their one year old daughter before the gunshots were heard.

Report indicate that, Chebat shot her husband on the chest, before shooting herself on the forehead using AG rifle.

Mr Jeremiah Njuguna asked the National Police Service to provide psychologist to Police officers, who he said experience rough times in the line of duty, to prevent such cases.

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He further said that,”This is the second case after a prison officer killed himself in Lossos. These are our brothers and as much as they handle guns they are humans and need our support

The lifeless bodies of the officers were taken to the Kitale Level Four morgue awaiting an autopsy, whiles the firearm A G3 rifle and three spent cartridge have been taken for forensic examination.

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