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Ankaragucu President Faruk Koca Resigns After Punching Referee In The Face.



Faruk Koca has resigned as president of Ankaragucu after punching a referee.

The club president, Faruk Koca has been arrested and resigned for punching a referee at the end of a Super Lig match.

Faruk apologized for his behavior. He ran onto the pitch hit the official Halil Umut Meler after the game against Rizespor.

The incident sparked a brawl between players and staff which saw Halil Umut kicked whilst he was on the ground.

Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has condemned the attack and spoken to the referee as he recovers in the hospital.

Koca Faruk went to the pitch at full time after Ankaragucu conceded a 97th minutes equalizer knocked Meler to the ground with a punch.

The football federation branded the attack in human and announced the suspension of all games in all leagues indefinitely.

They added that Faruk and his club Ankaragucu and all those guilty of the attack would be punished in the strongest terms possible.

Punch on turkey referee
Koca Faruk went to the pitch at full time after Ankaragucu conceded a 97th minutes equalizer

The club president Faruk said “I apologize to the Turkish referee community, sports public and our nation. How and why the subject came to this point is independent of the event”

He added “No matter how great injustice or wrong it is, nothing can legitimize or explain the violence that i committed, which I definitely did not desire.”

“sports fields should be the venue for gentlemanly competition. Any attitude that casts a shadow on fair play, including my own should not be present in stadiums and halls.”

Umut Meler who is 37 has been FIFA standard referee since 2017. He also took charge of Celtic against Lazio last month.

Today the injured referee spoke to the president of Turkey from his hospital bed.

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