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Video Moment A Man From Congo DR Was Shot By Police In Michigan



Patrick Lyoya, was stopped by a police officer for driving with a license plate that did not match with the vehicle he was driving
(Warning The Video May Cause Upset)

America Michigan, A Police Officer Body Camera Captured the moment the Police Officer Shot Black Man In The Back Of The Head, after failing to submit himself to the introduction given to him by the Officer.

Patrick Lyoya 26, who was from Democratic Republic of Congo, and a father of two daughters believed to arrived in the United State of America with his family as a refugee. According to Michigan Governor Gretchen.

Patrick Lyoya, was stopped by a police officer for driving with a license plate that did not match with the vehicle he was driving. He attempted to getaway when the police officer was approaching him. The police officer, ordered Patrick Lyoya to get back in the car but he refused the officer instruction.

The American Police officer (name withheld) asked Patrick Lyoya if he speak English and he answered with affirmative “Yes” that’s how the struggle began. The officer tried to discharge his Taser Gun ,but the victim manage to hold on the Taser, the Officer then ordered Patrick Lyoya to “let go” and drop the Taser”.
Patrick Lyoya and the police officer was captured in the camera struggled over the officer’s Taser for about 90 seconds, with the officer kneeling on top of Patrick Lyoya

Eric Windstrom, the new city police chief described the incident as “as tragedy,” “it was a progression of sadness for me.” After the released of four footage of the incident.that captured the incident in Four different angles.
He added that, “From my view of the video Taser was deployed twice, Taser did not make contact”, and Patrick Lyoya was shot in the head. However, that is the only information I have.”

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Chris Becker, the prosecutor, who will decide weather the police officer will face charges. said “the public should not expect a quick decision, adding that the videos were “not all of the evidence.”

After the prosecutor decision, more than 100 people gathered at the Ground Rapid City Hall on Tuesday night shouting ” black lives matter,” and “no justice, no peace.”

After the released of the videos on Wednesday, many people gathered at outside the city’s police department, demanding that the name of the officer be made public.

Source sky news

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