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Senegal: Teenager Caught Trying To Cut The Throat Of Three Years Old Girl



Teenager Caught Trying To Cut A throat

Senegal a young teenager was caught on Friday 4 February 2022 trying to cut the throat of 3 year old girl in a deserted building in Touba, the young teenage who’s name was not given for protection purposes by the local authorities.

was seen walking in a hurry with the little girl of three years old who’s name was not given just to protect her identity, and of her family identity.

the teenage took the innocent little girl towards an abondoned building at around 5 pm on Friday. according to local report, the 15 year- old driver apprentice was allegedly caught trying to cut the throat of the  little girl in the city of Touba, Senegal.

But for the swift intervention by a quick thinking local manager of an auto garage, the totally innocent life was safe. According to the Manager he observed the teenager and the little girl, and became suspicious so he begun monitoring him as he took the girl into a deserted building located a few meters away from the garage.

After a short while, the good samaritan garage manager notify two of his apprentice to the suspicious movement of the teenager.
And told them to closely monitor the movement of the teenager.

The manager and his apprentice quietly followed the teenager to his hideout where they were shocked to find him holding a knife over the little girl.

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They quickly apprehended the  suspect and handed him to a local  Police station where he was questioned. On his motive  of trying to  commit such a heinous crime at such tenderage

A report by the Touba Brigade, the little girl has has now been reunited with her family.

” The advice to Parents out there is simple, please don’t loose sight on the Young ones at any circumstances.

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