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NIA Announces Premium Services In 3 Regions



At three regional offices spread out around the nation, the National Identification Authority (NIA) has started offering premium services for the registration of Ghana cards.

Beginning Monday, December 19, 2022, they include the regional offices in the Ashanti, Eastern, and Western regions.

In a statement, the Authority noted that,“The National Identification Authority (NIA) announces for the information of the general public that effective Monday, 19th December 2022, it will offer premium registration services at its Ashanti, Eastern, and Western Regional offices.”

According to the Authority, these centers would run in addition to the premium centers at the NIA and Calbank headquarters in Accra.

Specific costs will apply to the following services:

1. Initial registration and Ghana Card issuing – GH¢280

2. Replacement of damaged, missing, or lost cards – GH¢110

3. Personal record updates that call for new cards to be printed – GH¢110

The updated services listed below are also subject to fees:

a. Name change or adjustment for the applicant;

b. Modification of the applicant’s name order;

c. Modification or addition of the applicant’s maiden name;

d. Correcting the applicant’s birthdate;

e. Modification of the applicant’s nationality;

f. Gender correction for applicants;

g. Adjustment of the applicant’s height.

Applicants who desire premium services should additionally be aware of the following:

1. Requests that have already been accepted and for which payments have been made will not be subject to any additional fees. A fee of GHC 110 will be charged for such requests.

2. Requests that have not yet been authorized or that have been approved but have not yet been paid for will be treated as new applications.

3. Up until January 3rd, 2023, the premium services will be based on an online booking system and walk-in system. NIA premium centers will solely use an online booking method starting on January 4, 2023;

4. One of the following two methods must be used to pay for all premium services:

a. Using the short code *771# on the CalBank Mobile Banking Platform;

b. Alternately, payment can be made at a CalBank branch office for the aforementioned services.

5. At any of its regional offices, NIA will not accept cash payments for any card replacement or update services.

“Applicants must note that not every request for an update of personal record or card replacement can be handled on the same day.

Review and approval of requests for the update of a personal record or card replacement may take longer than a day” the statement added.


Stay tuned for more interesting news updates.

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