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COVID-19 Is Not Over Yet: Dr. Kwabena Sarpong Cautions



COVID-19 Is Not Over Yet: Dr. Kwabena Sarpong Cautions

According to Dr. Kwabena Sarpong, the Deputy Central Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the epidemic is still going on and the Service is continuously receiving COVID-19 patients.

In light of this, he iterated that:

“There is something about COVID-19 that we are not communicating very well to all of us because.

If you get COVID-19 and you even suffer a mild disease like sneezing, fever headache for some people even after recovery they have complications including kidney, heart, and sometimes brain problems that will stay with them for the rest of their life” he iterated.

Furthermore, he went ahead to iterate: “that part is what makes this COVID-19 very dangerous for all of us because you cannot know that this person after recovery will have complications later by merely looking at the face.

After recovery, you are unable to tell if he or she will have a kidney, heart, and brain conditions and it will stay with you for the rest of your life”.

Moreover, he urged the public, especially those who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, to make sure they are fully protected at a stakeholders media engagement on COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 Is Not Over Yet: Dr. Kwabena Sarpong Cautions

Furthermore, he again iterated that in order to ensure that GHS increases the vaccination uptake throughout various areas, the Central Regional Health Directorate and Health Management teams across all regions of this country are now launching the national COVID-19 day programs.

To that effect, Dr. Sarpong stated that 45% of the 1.9 million eligible people in the Central Region have never received the vaccination, not even one injection, while 55% had received one shot.

“It is not only one shot you need but you need to get at least two shots to get the full protection.

If even you have taken your two shots it doesn’t end there you are rather almost like somebody who has not taken the vaccine” he added.


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