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Muntaka Mubarak MP
Muntaka Mubarak MP

Minority chief whip Muntaka Mubarak who double as member of parliament for Assawasi constituency in the Ashanti Region. Replies Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, we are not frustrating the government, they should do the right thing.

Honourable Muntaka Mubarak, who was briefing the press regarding the comment Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu ll made on Sunday.

“Members of Parliament not to give order to the government. but rather allowed the electorate to pass the ruling at the polls.” The Asantehene said that, on Sunday when he was celebrating the AKWASIDAE FESTIVAL in Kumasi.

He continue, “We elect people to represent us to make sure there is some equilibrium in what governments do. It is our good that our representative in Parliament subject the national budget to the most rigorous scrutiny and call for changes”.

“Government must also have the humility to acknowledged and embrace the useful inputs from all sources, but our representatives need to bear in mind that it is not their role to either determine policy or to frustrate the executive from performing their legitimate duties.” Otumfuo lament.

According to minority chief whip Muntaka Mubarak, refusal of the E-Levy doesn’t constitute frustrating of government policy. the steps by the NDC MP’s is rather to safe guard the interest of the public. But not do frustrated the government from the approval of the E – Levy. He said that when speaking to the media.

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“All over the world, oversight is done by the minority and we are just doing our work. We don’t intend to frustrate government, we don’t do obstruct government business, We will not stand in the way of government trying to do what is right.”

” We cannot just leave our role in the House and wait for the next election. It is the reason a budget is brought here, it is the reason four state of the nation addresses are read within the four year tenure.

” We can assure his Majesty and all the pastors and Imams that as Minority we are not here to obstruct government business. We encourage government to do what is right”.

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