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17 people Confirmed dead in the Bogoso Explosion

17 people have been now confirmed dead after the huge explosion on Thursday, January 20th, 2022 at Appiatse in the Bogoso area of the Western Region.

A report from the Minister of Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah said not less than 59 people were injured, some of whom are a critical condition.

Huge Explosion At Bogoso,Ghana Kills Many People–This Is What We Know So Far

There was a crash between a vehicle carrying minig explosives which was travelling from Tarkwa to Chirano with a motorcycle at Appiatse near Bogoso.

Images from the misfortune scene revealed a large plume of black smoke rising high up a destroyed building structure and dispersed waste as the residents called for help.

The Ghana Police Service and other emergency service providers have turn on a full emergency recuperation movement after the huge explosion on the Thursday afternoon.

Videos coming out of the accident scene reveals disjoint bodies dispersed on the road.

There have been a fall down of many buildings in the area, also trapping some people.

As reported, the explosion went very far causing large-scale damage in the area.

The accident was said to have happened at about 1:25 pm said a report from a situational police.

D/Cpl Isaac Kamanim of Firearms Unit/Tarkwa was leading explosives from MAXAM Company, Tarkwa, in a DAF van with the registration number WR 2252-18 which was driven by Alfred Pappoe to Chirano Gold Mines in the Western North Region.

At a section of the road linking Bogoso and Bawdie, a motorcycle rider from the opposite direction rode Infront the van carrying the explosives.

The motorcycle held fire, erupted the van which burst into flames and exploded.

The driver suffered a deep cut on the head and was rushed to the Tarkwa government hospital.

The police escorting the vehicle escaped unhurt.

The motorcycle rider is feared dead.

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There was an extensive damage to an ECG transformer nearby.

A number of near by buildings were destroyed, the portion of the road where the incident occurred was damaged, some vehicles using that road were damaged, also passengers and residents had diverse degrees of injuries.

From a report, the main road connecting Tarkwa and Ayamfuri has been blocked for the time being with no vehicle passing from each side.

The report also said some cars were torn into pieces.

About 100 vehicles had their windscreen shattered.


Western Region: Scores feared dead after huge explosion at Bogoso | Pulse  Ghana

The driver of the vehicle carrying the explosives, upon reaching the area, crashed with a motorcycle.

The driver after stepping out, saw fire in the vehicle and hurried to alert the people of the community to run to safety.

The fire shot up and the explosives in the vehicle blew up killing many and causing large damage.

Conforming to the report, many people have also suffer critical injuries.

The President, Nana Akufo-Addo making comments on the incident said, “I have just received a briefing on the circumstances that led to an explosion in Apiate near Bogoso, in the Western Region, resulting in the loss of lives and the destruction of properties belonging to residents.”

Bogoso: What mining truck driver told residents prior to explosion [Listen]

“It is a truly sad, unfortunate and tragic incident, and I extend, on behalf of Government, deep condolences to the families of the deceased, and I wish the injured a speedy recovery.”

“The Police, Armed Forces and the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) are co-ordinating efforts to contain the situation, and I have also instructed NADMO to see to it that rapid relief is brought to residents of the town.

“Government will spare no effort to ensure a rapid return to a situation of normalcy for residents of Appiatse.”

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