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Two Armed Robbers Attacked a Bullion Van and Sped off with GHC106.000 Ghanaian Cedis



Tarkwa bullion van robbery, Image credit Graphic online

The two armed robbers attacked the bullion van operator immediately after he collected the Money from local bank branch .

Reported by the Daily Graphic.

The attached happen in the early morning of Monday, in front of Ransbet Supermarket, at Tarkwa a mining town in the Western Region of Ghana.
According to report gathered,the armed robbers arrived earlier on and bought some drinks and paid for at the Supermarket.
And waited while the bank stuffs are going about with their normal daily routines.

After counting the the over the weekend sales, and processed for the bullion van operator to come and collect, the two armed robbers were already on high alert, waiting for the ambush .
One of the robber was already stationed outside on top of get way motorbike, and the other waiting for the arrival of the bullion van operator to collect the money.
As soon the bullion van operator entered the bank, and collected the Money then making his way back to his van, who has no police presence or escort at that moment, the waiting robber snatched the cashback and jump onto the waiting moto bike, and sped off with no injury or death this time round.

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They’ve been too many of such robberies in this country in recent memories, with some of them ending up with some families, losing they lives of their loved ones.

as for what measures, the authorities or the financial companies are putting in place to prevent such events repeating it selves over and over again in this country is yet to be seen. We cannot carry on losing they lives of our brothers and sisters to these senseless merciless criminals because someone has failed to do his job properly.

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