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Throwback: Ex President Prof. John Evans Atta Mills On corruption In Ghana



President John Evans Atta Mills
Ex Ghana President John Evans Atta Mills

The Former President John Evans Atta Mills was addressing the Offices of Customs and Revenue of Ghana.

” I am really upset and I think that I should let you know.
I was waiting for the Anas video to be shown and that confirmed the reports I was having all along.
Offices of customs you are a Ghanaian citizens you have to help us to build a better Ghana if this is the kind of behaviours you have then you are not helping us in any way ”

Ex President of Ghana John Evans Atta Mills

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” Indeed I came here to express my disgust and my revulsion by the way some of you are helping to erode the benefits or we’re making to our peoples.
you are in charge of revenues everyday we hear reports about malpractices people collecting bribes with careless abundance, people who thinks that they’re entitled to takes bribes ”.

How can we get rid of corruptions ?

Ex President of Ghana John Evans Atta Mills

” I’m not saying that people shouldn’t appreciate the works you’re doing, but when you make it a condition that somebody should give you some money before you perform your duties. I known Customs for quite sometimes I was a Commissioner of Internal Revenue, and the Anas video confirms the fears i had for quite sometimes look at yourselves I want to talk very frankly to you somebody joines Customs two to three years the person is putting up a building the person owns a car ”.

” in what organisation would it take you three years to build and is not the exception it is the rood. very often my Minister for finals is worried about the fiscal gape that we have, and your duty is to collect and display transparency in the way you operate ”.

Professor Atta Mills Sleep Well.

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