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Pictures Of Free SHS Students Being Served With ‘Gari Jollof’ Goes Viral



Pictures Of Free SHS Students Being Served With 'Gari Jollof' Goes Viral

Photos circulating online depict unfortunate pictures of food shortages at several Senior High Schools (SHS) across the country.

Previously, students ate nutritious meals but now being made to settle for whatever is available for them. They have no more options.

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Unfortunately, this has resulted in students being served meals that they would not normally eat, both at school and at home.

One such dire situation was discovered in a photograph of an unknown high school student eating “gari jollof.”

“Gari jollof” usually needs to be fortified with nutrients such as meat, fish, and eggs, including vegetables.

It is a dish in which a part of gari is soaked in water and mixed with red oil. “Gari jollof” usually needs to be fortified with nutrients such as meat, fish, and eggs, including vegetables.

None of this was added to the meal. Many have responded to the situation and urged the government to reconsider her free SHS policy to provide adequate food for students.

Recall, reported that students of St. Paul’s Senior High School (SPACO) were elated to enjoy a sumptuous meal for the first time in a long while after a philanthropist stormed the school to feed them with Jollof and chicken.

The gesture comes on the back of a viral video shared last two weeks, which captures the tertiary students being served ‘gari’ and a pot of watery soup containing only one fish meant for ten students as lunch.

The good samaritan whose name has been given only as Auntie Bee was apparently touched by the embarrassing video and decided to put smiles on the face of the malnourished students.

The situation of the students eating less nutritious food was brought to light by Ghanaian blogger Kobby Kyei. Lack of adequate food supply had been cited but the Ministry of Education dispelled the reports.

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In an update to the upsetting development, Kobby Kyei took to Twitter Monday to announce that the woman visited the school to cook and feed the children with Jollof and enough chicken for everyone.

He shared pictures with the caption: “Two weeks ago, I reported a story of how St. Paul’s SHS students are struggling to enjoy good meals. Today, a woman by name (Auntie Bee) visited the school to cook/fed the children with jollof and enough chicken.

“She promised to support them with food stuff more regularly,” Kyei added.

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