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Nigeria- A Cleric Arrested For Defiling 7 Year Old School Girl



Nigeria- A Cleric Arrested For Defiling 7 Year Old School Girl

Nigeria Ogun State, Nurudeen Sadallah, a 40 year old man arrested by the police for allegedly defiling a seven year old girl he teaches in class. According to report, the young girl went to a corner around the class last Saturday to urinate when Nurudeen Sadallah surfaced, covered her mouth and dipped his finger into her private part.

The young girl was taken to the hospital the following day after her underwear was said to have been covered with blood and the bleeding didn’t stop.

According to Daily trust, the girl’s father who’s is name Ibrahim said that, his daughter mentioned Sadallah whiles she was being treated at the hospital.

He added that, ” her mom noticed she was bleeding from her private part since she came back from the Arabic class this Saturday.

When I came back from work around 9pm that day, She told me to check our daughter private part. I saw blood there I was shocked and wondered what could have caused it. My wife said the first pant she wore was covered with blood and she had to change it.”

She wore her third pant before she slept, but by the time she woke up, it was soaked with blood again. We took her to a hospital. As a doctor was treating her, she was screaming and saying it is Alfa that did this o. “My wife called the Alfa on the phone and was complaining bitterly.

“I then asked my daughter what happened. She said she went to a corner to urinate and whiles she was there, Alfa appeared covered her mouth and dipped his finger in her private part. The doctor confirmed that she had been defiled.

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She is seven years old and very smart. She couldn’t have lied against him if he didn’t do anything to her.”

But Nurudeen Sadallah denied committing the crime, saying he always take care of the children under his watch.

Sadallah added that, “After I finished teaching them Quran, I told them to go perform ablution and prepare for Suhr prayer. I didn’t do anything to her. I have been teaching children Quran in that area for 12 years and I have never done anything like that.”

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