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If The 2023 Budget Is Not Approved, I Won’t Be Shocked: Dr. Baah Reveals



According to political scientist Dr. Richard Amoako Baah, the 2023 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of Government may still be rejected despite being read by embattled Finance Minister Kenneth Nana Yaw Kuntunkununku Ofori-Atta on October 24, 2022.

After hearing the Minister discuss the budget, the political observer stated on Kumasi’s Ultimate 106.9 FM that there is only one conclusion to be drawn: the suffering would increase which does not bode well for Ghanaians.

On that bote, he iterated as follows:

“E-levy is a gimmick, give with the left hand and take with the right hand, that is it, you are even worse now. The budget has been read, it’s yet to be approved, that is the thing, and that is what is important, Most likely it would not be approved.

This is the reason why people were saying Ofori-Atta should not read the budget nor draw up the budget, the person who is going to take over is supposed to”

Meanwhile, he warned that:

“You see this budget is not an ordinary budget that one man should draw it up…no it should be a committee of interested parties, opponents and all of that. Because we have to draw a budget that is tough, raise money and at the same time don’t kill us. The way he has done it is just about killed us.’

Hardship is not good, I won’t be surprised if it’s not approved and so let’s wait and see what they do”, he added.

Before the budget presentation, there was unrest, with several majority MPs threatening to leave the chamber if the finance minister was permitted to read.

After National Executives issued a press release and later met with them, they were later whipped into line by their party.

to that effect, Dr. Baah contends that the NPP MPs who initially said they opposed the finance minister presenting the budget but later changed their minds lack credibility.

“The 98 MP’s I don’t know what to say about them, these people have lost all credibility because you are living in a country, that is danger with the economy, this is the time you stand by your country and not by your party, you waited for people to meet you to change you position, where the elders when all this nonsense was going on?

They didn’t listen to anybody, when he created new regions did he tell the elders? All the bad things going on the elders didn’t hear it, things that has brought us to this end, then didn’t hear anything”

“Why have the elders not said anything about too many ministers, reckless spending , reckless borrowing where were they, they didn’t know economics, things like these are unacceptable they shouldn’t get themselves involved in it , it means you have become part of the problem” he added


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