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I Never Joked About Paying Arrears Because It Helped The Economy: Dr. Duffuor



I never joked about paying arrears because it helped the economy: Dr. Duffuor

Dr. Kwabena Duffuor, the flagbearer candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), claims he was serious about paying debts to contractors and other people who had worked for the government when he was in office.

To that effect, he said that regular arrears payments significantly aided the economy’s expansion.

On Monday’s Ghana Kasa show on Kasapa 102.5FM/Agoo TV, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor stated as follows:

“We never joked with expenditure. I was not making payments when there was not enough money. But as soon as the money hit the government account, I paid off people who the government owed.

We managed government bills very well. I never joked with arrears. I never denied contractors their money. I ensured I paid regularly in a bit until all the debt is cleared.”

I never joked about paying arrears because it helped the economy: Dr. Duffuor

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“When we paid contractors, their work advanced, and we also took the taxes, You take taxes with your left hand and pay arrears with your right hand. That is the proper method. How does a contractor care for the workers if you refuse to pay him after he completes a job for GHC10m? “ the former finance minister quizzed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Duffuor went ahead to emphasize that:

“He doesn’t need the money; the workers do. You deduct the tax when he pays them as well. As a result, there is rapid economic growth and substantial taxation. Contractors’ firms will fail if the government doesn’t pay them, and there won’t be enough tax revenue to fund the nation’s construction.”

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