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Ghana Is On Track To Switch To Cleaner Fuels: Petroleum Commission Iterates



The Petroleum Commission (PC) and its partners have made a commitment to achieve zero emissions by 2025 during the recently concluded 2022 Local Content and Exhibition Conference held in Takoradi in the Western Region.

They also stated that the switch to cleaner fuels was proceeding as planned and reaffirmed the government’s, Ministry of Energy’s, and partners’ commitment to achieving the targeted outcomes.

PC and industry made these statements at a media interaction that was organized as a part of the conference with the theme “Sustaining local content development through improved exploration and production activities in the period of the energy transition.”

According to PC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Egbert Faibille, the president had declared the creation of the national framework, on which the Ministry of Energy was working diligently.

Companies that attended the conference, according to Mr. Faibille, were aware that Ghana has the proper stance on the subject of the energy transition, and that academics and a wide range of stakeholders are discussing what he called the “energy trilemma” around the globe.

“A new word has been introduced,   the energy’“trilemma”, that is energy, security and justice and sustainability. These three very key words as developing nations try to know what the rules are and ensure that we get it right with energy transition,” he iterated.

To that effect, the CEO also emphasized that: “I think that Ghana is poised, I look at a document that the Ministry of Energy has brought out. I think that it will become a reference point for a lot more developing countries, so don’t worry, we are on course.”

In addition, she also added that: “Our focus is on optimizing the use of local goods, services, and skill to the benefit of our supply chain and that of the local economy. We the Jubilee partners remain committed to generating in- country capability to support the long-term development of the oil and gas sector.”

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