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Father Of Achimota Rastafarian Student Apologises Over Alleged Assault



Tyron Marghuy: Achimota Rasta Student Beats His Father; His Father Cries In Viral Video

Mr Tereo Marhguy, the father of the infamous Rastafarian student who was initially denied admission to Achimota school has made a u-turn after accusing him of assault.

We previously reported that the father of Tyron Marhguy accused him of an alleged assault in a viral video which showed the man had some bruises on his hands.

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According to him, a fight broke between him and Tyron when he tried to call his son to order after he spoilt his younger sister’s tablet.

“I went in there and asked Tyrone what was going on. He burst out and started insulting his sister and unplugged the laptop. He walked over to me and I threatened to slap him, and then he held my hand, so through the struggling up and down, I had blood everywhere,” he narrated.

However, the father who initially accused his son of the alleged assault has now apologized for making the matter public.

In a report filed by CitiNews sighted by, he claimed he sent the video showing bloody bruises on his hand, which has since gone viral, to a few close friends for advice but it was leaked on social media.

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Speaking to Citi News after the family met with Child Rights International over the allegations and threats he made, Tereo Marhguy said the incident won’t happen again.

“All what happened shouldn’t have happened. We should cool our tempers and sort it out. It is rather unfortunate it came out and people have formed their impressions. If it has really hurt anybody, I am really sorry. I apologise to everybody that something like this had to happen. He just held my hand, and we were struggling.”

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