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ECG Begins Educating Residents In Krobo On Fake Meters



A campaign against fraudulent energy meters has been launched by the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited’s Krobo Office in an effort to safeguard customers from problems related to the use of such meters.

In order to educate and inform consumers about the various kinds of phony meters in the system, the office has been displaying a number of these fake meters alongside real ones on a notice board at the office for the past few weeks.

This effort was necessary since it was discovered during routine monitoring activities that several customers had installed false meters on their properties.

In light of this, Tetteh Apan, the engineer in charge of the office, stated that:

“Customers are being continually scammed by vendors of fake meters who pose as ECG workers, approach potential customers and then eventually give them these fake meters.”

In addition, he added that: “customers are usually caught unawares by these vendors of fake meters which are made to seem like they are from ECG”.

Moreover, he continued by saying that the nameplates of the meters are frequently modified to resemble those of the original meters.

Although some of these false meters function well, users frequently do not receive invoices since they are not connected to the ECG system.

However, as soon as the ECG detects the meter, it calculates the total amount of energy it has utilized and bills the customer appropriately.

The user’s energy supply is also cut off, and they are instructed to report to the ECG office to begin the process of correctly obtaining a meter.

To minimize problems, potential ECG customers and the general public are urged to disregard such phony meters.

Meanwhile, the public has expressed interest in this initiative by speaking with ECG representatives and inquiring about the distinctions between genuine and fraudulent meters as well as what to do if they come across one.

In light of that, they are instructed to alert ECG of this so that appropriate corrective and disciplinary measures can be implemented.


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