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Avoid That Mistakes, Investment Age Is Between 21-40years – Counsellor Adumatta



Avoid That Mistakes, Investment Age Is Between 21-40years - Counsellor Adumatta

Renowned marriage counsellor, life coach and relationship expert Kwaku Adumatta, has sent a strong warning to the youth in the latest interview.

Counsellor Adumatta was speaking on Okay FM’s Me Ho Y3 show when he said the youth of today must start investing in their lives so that they can avoid mistakes in the future.

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According to him, God has given every person a three-score lifespan. Every person spends the first 20 years of his or her life under the control of her parents or Guardians.

The second score which ranges from 21-40years according to Adumatta is when every youth must start investing in his life.

To this, he said every youth must learn how to save money and develop himself as he prepares himself or herself for the last score in which he or she approaches retirement.

Uncle Kwaku Adumatta cautioned the youth to stop spending their leisure time on unnecessary things that do not add anything to their personal growth.

He went on to urge the youth to start thinking of buying land in their 20s.

“Your investment age is between 21-40years. I bought my land after 40years, if I knew this earlier, I would have bought it when I was 20,25,26,30 thereabout,” he said.

Watch the video below;

Counsellor Adumatta’s comment is a thought-provoking statement and if you are a youth, you have to start thinking of how you can start investing in your life if you have not started.

Uncle Kwaku Adumatta is the Executive Director at Zane Investments (Management Training & Consulting) & Zane Institute (Centre for Higher Learning).

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