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20 Year Old Woman Arrested For Murdering Her Baby Three days After Giving Birth



Suspect Amina Umar and Buba Mush

Nigeria, a 20 year old Amina Umar, have been arrested by the men of Adamawa state police command, for allegedly killing her 3 days old baby boy with a pesticide usually used in killing rat.

DSP Suleiman Yahaya Nguroje, who is the spokesperson of the state police command confirmed that, the incident said that, the suspect ended the life of her child because she felt the father couldn’t take care of her and the baby.

Police command added that, Amina had divorced her husband and reunited with her 22 year-old ex boyfriend Buba Mush, who is currently married, she got pregnant for him after he promised to take her as a second wife.

However, after getting pregnant to Buba, a mechanic, who abandoned her and when she finally gave birth on March 14, 2022 she then decided to killed her child on March 17th, 2022.

“After she gave birth to the baby she discovered that, the father is not the type that will take proper care of her and the baby so she decided killing the child with pesticide.”

“She put it in a cup and gave it to the baby. Eventually she was arrested and confessed to the crime. We are gathering all evidence so we can charge her, for the law to take it course,” The police command added.

Amina Umar, who confessed the killing of her own child, sent a boy to buy pesticide for her. which she gave the baby leading to his unfortunately death.

After killing the baby, Amina Umar told her neighbour that her baby was sick. Unknown to her that her neighbor heard her conversation with the boy she sent to buy the pesticide.

She later informed them that the baby had died, this made the neighbour suspected her more and immediately notify the police, that eventually lead to her been arrested.

DSP Suleiman Yahaya Nguroje added that, Buba was also arrested.

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“Initially somebody gave us information that it was the guy that supported her to abort the baby when she was pregnant but when she could not, he decided to abandoned her and that angered her to take that decision. We are still investigation to know if actually it is true. In the event that is discovered he has no hand in it, he will be released but if he has any element that shows he aided in the crime, he will be equally be charged to court.”

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