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Patapaa Apologizes To ZionFelix After Accusing Him Of Sleeping With His Wife



Patapaa Apologizes To ZionFelix After Accusing Him Of Sleeping With His Wife

Ghanaian rapper, Patapaa Amisty has finally apologized to celebrity blogger, ZionFelix following their recent beef. has sighted on a WhatsApp post on Patapaa’s status on Thursday morning as the rapper says he won’t talk about Zionfelix and his wife again.

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“I beg Zion if I have said anything bad {about} you and my wife, I’m sorry… The demon I had last night was very bad. No women, no problem.”

The musician accused ZionFelix for causing problems between him and his wife, Liha Miller, after the blogger interviewed her in Germany.

After the initial accusations, Patapaa further indicated that ZionFelix should have asked him for permission before interviewing his wife.

In an interview with SammyKay Media, Patapaa alleged that he had been told about an ongoing affair between the two but didn’t give it much thought.

However, to him, the fact that Zionfelix visited, interviewed and spent time with his wife in Germany without his approval, suggests the rumours are correct.

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“Right from their interview in the car, he went with her to eat ‘fufu’. I want to find out where Zion slept after that. Why will you chat with a married woman without informing her husband? Why would you chat with her in secret?… when he heard that we had separated he took the opportunity to get into the scene, that is what I think. He should have called me or my manager to seek permission or at least inform me.”

The singer threatened to take legal action against the blogger for interviewing his wife without his consent.

However, he has decided not to talk about the issue again.

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