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NUGS Tells Gov’t: Be Concerned About The Effects of The UTAG Strike And Others



In light of the strike action by at least five educational worker unions at public universities and colleges of education, the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) is concerned about the apparent indifference of the country’s educational administrators.

To that effect, they iterated as follows:

“Once again, we want to state clearly that the frustration and unrest are real and managers of the educational sector must at least be concerned about the damaging impact of these strike actions on the future of our country.”

In a statement released on December 7th, NUGS stated that the impact of these labor disputes is “devastating,” expressing concerns that important administrative and academic operations would be interfered with.

“Even more disheartening is the impact on private universities that are affiliated with various public universities but are now unable to graduate students due to striking actions in the mentoring public universities who are to facilitate these processes,” the statement continued to read.

As a matter of fact, it has urged the Ministry of Education and all other parties involved to move quickly. Thus, “to find an amicable resolution to the issues to prevent further disruption to the academic and educational structures.”

Meanwhile, students were assured by the NUGS leadership that they would continue to work with various stakeholders “in our attempt to help resolve the impasse.”


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