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Coffin Makers In Kumasi To Increase Prices From Next Week



Coffin Makers In Kumasi To Increase Prices From Next Week

Coffin makers in the metropolis of Kumasi have announced that they will raise the prices of their products starting next week.

They say the prices of the raw materials they use have tripled, forcing them to raise prices to keep their business running.

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A 30-year-old experienced in the production of caskets by the name of Agya Appiah, told the media that;

“I was an apprentice in 1992, but now I run my own business. The fabric we use to decorate the casket I bought for ¢200 on Friday, I was told today to pay ¢240. I couldn’t buy it, so I had to come home to solicit the remaining amount.

“Things are expensive, I would also not sell them [caskets] at a reduced price. All manufacturers here have come to a consensus to increase and stick to one price, latest by next week,”

“This casket is called ‘Abenwaha’, with a price range of ¢1,500 to ¢2,000. But now, If I don’t sell it at ¢2,800, I may not be able to accrue my profit.”

With inflation soaring and fuel and utility bills rising, many local businesses are expected to close soon.

The future is open for many of the country’s entrepreneurs as their businesses are on the brink of collapse.

Meanwhile, Kasapreko Ghana has announced a doubling of salaries for all permanent and non-regular workers.

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According to the company, this is a step taken to support its employees during this difficult economic situation.

A communiqué signed by the country’s Chief Executive Officer Kasapareko Ghana decided to double the November salary for all employees, “in view of the recent economic volatilities in the country which are affecting the wellbeing of staff.”

Following a price increase needed by the Ghanaian Cedi’s rapid decline, Kasapreko Ghana told staff:

“It is management’s expectation that this payment would bring relief to all staff and their families as we all weather these challenges.”

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